Bar ALE Flock Protect™


ensure your birds reach their maximum potential through increased health and performance.

●  Selenium yeast to help with metabolism, growth, reproduction, and fight against infections.
●  Unique feed enzymes maximize nutrient release, adds flexibility to your diet, and maintains performance while reducing feed cost.
●  Premium Zinc - Egg shell quality and skin health
●  Balanced amino acid levels to promote optimum performance, including Lysine
●  Contains Extracts of Marigold flowers, a natural anti-oxidant and source of rich yellow skin and yolk color for the meat bird and layer
●  Diatomaceous Earth

Esteem® Equine Protect™


are designed to keep your equine partner outpacing the competition.

●  BioPlex® Hi-Four Chelated Minerals
●  Pre and Probiotics
●  Yucca Extract
●  Biotin for healthy hooves and coats
●  Selenium Yeast